Habana is a Scholar Transport solutions provider that is led by an experienced and reputable team within the commuter bus and transport industry.  Habana aims to provide a turnkey solution, which encompasses services such as:

  1. Fleet Acquisition:  Our partnerships, forged over 20 years in the industry, allow us to provide unique fleet acquisition strategies.
  2. Transport Management:  A large part of our strategy is involved with aligning stakeholder expectations and managing the change from the old to the new Scholar Transport System.
  3. Empowerment:  Our model ensures that local businesses owners benefit from the roll-out and management of scholar transport.

Habana has invested a lot of time and resources in creating strong partnerships with industry leaders both in bus manufacturing, banking and most importantly local small businesses and communities wherein it operates

The focal point behind partnerships is always to:

  • Reduce system redundancies and remove unnecessary operational processes
  • Decrease the cost of operating the service
  • Adhere to client requirements and policies.
  • Create a sustainable, innovative and integrated Scholar Transport System


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